St Mark's Church, Tunbridge Wells

Jesus said, I will never turn away anyone who comes to me

Getting Involved

The St Mark's vision is founded on the development of a vibrant community in which every member of the Church Family is involved in some element of Church life.  As well as helping God to grow His kingdom, volunteering is a great way to meet people and make friends whilst doing something personally fulfilling. 

If you would like to discuss how you can get more involved, please don't wait to be asked! 

In the meantime there are many areas of church life where volunteers are needed and where your help would be truly valued.  Have you considered some of these opportunities?


Every service at St Mark's requires members of the Church Family to help with some important elements of worship such as Bible readings and prayers. 

  • There is also a team of sides-people at every service who provide practical support before and during tEaster Flowershe service, such as welcoming and handing out literature. 
  • Most services use a sound system and there is a rota of volunteers to manage this. 
  • The flower arrangers would be delighted if you would like to join them.
  • We also have a team of volunteers to prepare and serve tea and coffee in the church hall after the Sunday morning services.  

Any one of these roles can add depth to an individual's experience of worship as well as bringing them closer to others in the Church Family.

Pastoral Care

A great deal of pastoral care goes on at St Mark's.  Members of the Church Family support one another lovingly and prayerfully on a daily basis.  There is also a Pastoral Visiting Team which visits the house bound, the bereaved and those in hospital as well as providing practical support such as giving lifts for hospital appointments and shopping for the sick.

Members of the Church Family who can no longer get to church services receive communion regularly in their own homes, brought to them by a team of people.

Youth and Children

Our Youth and Children Team organise activities for the young members of our Church Family, both during and outside of services.  This includes teaching or helping at one of the Sunday Club groups.  We will always need adults and older children to lead these activities. Working with children and young people is very rewarding and a great way to glimpse some of the things that God is doing in our community.

Music Group

Music is another key element of life at St Mark's as our worship is supported by  our music group.  For those with musical gifts, participating in this group can be both spiritually and socially rewarding. 


Many of the events we run require the preparation and serving of food.  There are numerous good cooks within the Church Family already - but there is always room for more!  Alternatively serving at tables is a great way to play your part in these events.


Our church building and gardens require a great deal of maintenance.  There is a rota for cutting the grass and every year work parties are arranged to help with the up keep of the building.  We regularly need volunteers for small 'DIY' jobs. 


Our Parish Administrator oversees the work of the church office, which is the hub of administration for the parish.  In addition to managing the paperwork and co-ordinating the activities required of any organisation, the office also takes care of countless 'behind the scenes' activities on our behalf and does much of the preparation for our schedule of events.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with aspects of this work, which comes in all shapes and sizes.  Please feel free to offer your help directly to the office.

From time to time we also require volunteers to manage specific elements of church life, such as the Christian Library.


The diversity of activities across St Mark's means that communication is especially important to us.  Much of this is channeled through our monthly newsletter, Re.Marks, which regularly requires written and photographic content.   

Project Work

Like any active institution, St Mark's usually has several 'projects' running at any point in time.  These projects vary in their scale and focus, from supervising building works to organising large scale events.  Each will require leadership and project management expertise.  These are challenging roles at times but can also be very rewarding. 

Team Work

The PCC has established several teams and working groups to help organise specific aspects of church life.  These teams always welcome new participants who are willing to commit their time and prayers.  You need not be an expert - just motivated to work on God's behalf.  See the list of PCC teams for more information.  

Community Roles

St Mark's has several links with the local community.  Sometimes these links are informal and sometimes they are more structured.  In some cases the church has a governance role to play - for instance school governors or trustee positions - and volunteers are needed from time to time to fill these roles on the church's behalf.

Leadership Roles

The PCC is the primary governance body of the church and is responsible for overseeing its activities alongside the vicar.  Members are elected for a three year period and become part of the shared leadership of the church. 

PCC members aim to fulfil the vision of the church, praying for God's guidance and help and leading with humility and enthusiasm.  Any member of the church's Electoral Roll can stand for election to the PCC.