St Mark's Church, Tunbridge Wells

Jesus said, I will never turn away anyone who comes to me

Our Vision

We believe that our purpose at St Mark's is to work with God to grow His kingdom in our parish and beyond, with Jesus at the centre of our lives.

Our vision is to be an outward looking church, living out our passionate faith as a vibrant community.

Being an outward looking church leads us to want to help people in our community to connect with the God who can meet their needs. So we try to listen and to come alongside when encouragement or help is needed.  Beyond our parish we support, both financially and prayerfully, organisations that are involved in Christian mission work.

Our outward looking focus is energised by a passionate Christian faith which shapes and motivates our lives as we seek to understand God's agenda for us and be guided by it.  A love for God's word and a commitment to worship and prayer inform and fuel our faith. 

We enjoy being part of a lively Church Family – a vibrant community in which everyone, of whatever age and background, can find their niche and role.

If you are encouraged and attracted by this vision and would like to become a part of it, we would be delighted if you would join us.