St Mark's Church, Tunbridge Wells

Jesus said, I will never turn away anyone who comes to me

Teams and Committees

The PCC has set up a number of teams to organise the life of the church on a day to day basis and to manage key development projects. 

If you would like to know more about these teams or take part in their work please speak to the respective Chairman.

Everyone is very welcome to participate.


Fellowship Team
Chairman: Jean Root

To provide opportunities for church members to build relationships with one another, and with non-church members, to foster a sense of belonging.

Mission Team
Chairman: John Bazley

To maintain and develop the church's links with overseas missions and missionaries.  To allocate funds from the church’s away-giving budget for missions outside of the parish.

Pastoral Team
Chairman: Pat Collins

To promote a consistent and effective approach to pastoral care involving all aspects of the church's ministry: including the welcome team, pastoral visiting, the work of the Ministry Team and home groups.

Resources Team
Chairman: Richard Wolfe

To monitor and keep under review the adequacy of the church's resources in relation to current and future needs; to develop plans for improvement and new work as necessary; to assist the Churchwardens in ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of all church property (buildings and contents); and to provide advice and support to the Treasurer.

Youth and Children’s Team
Chairman: Debbie Marsden

To promote all aspects of the church's ministry among children and young people and to ensure this is integrated with the ministry of St Mark's Church as a whole.