Heritage Open Days

Following on from last year’s very successful 150th Anniversary celebrations at St Mark’s, I am pleased to announce that Peter has agreed to have the church participate again this year in the Heritage Open Days celebrations in September.

The national event, which is run under the guidance and support of The National Trust, takes place from 7th - 10th September, and although this may seem a long way off, with the planning and work that is involved, it is closer than we think.

This year, I have been appointed as the Chairman of the Heritage Open Day Committee, at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society, and consequently, am co-ordinating the very experienced team that organises the event.

I have suggested to Peter that for 2017 we have an exhibition which looks at the wider role of the church and its relationship with its parish and community over its history. Some of this history was beautifully covered in last year’s exhibition, and I believe it would be good to build on this firm base to broaden our knowledge and understanding of how important the parish and church of St Mark’s has been to Tunbridge Wells over the past 150 years.

Many of you are aware that I am currently continuing and extending my research into St Mark’s and the parish, in preparation for a second book. This research has revealed some wonderful stories and facts of what is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, but lesser known, communities of the town. Some of you have already contributed information. In addition, Keith Root has been actively helping me compile a wealth of information, part of which involves documenting the history of St Mark’s school over the past 125 years. I would welcome any other interesting facts from readers with a view to possibly including them in the exhibition or book.

Paul Avis